The New Campus

The campus of the university where I teach has moved while we were gone, or at least that is what we were told. I went in today with a suitcase on wheels to bring books, desk items and other things that I had stored at home during the move. My office and classroom is on the 4th floor and thankfully, there are elevators. With my leg, I would never make it to the top floor more than once.

The building is such a stretch from what we had and I timed it. It takes me 12 minutes to walk there from home. Here are some old campus pictures and some of the new classrooms and office.

One of the things that has made me chuckle is when the students say they are going to miss the park in front of the old building. They loved the green area, but the flowers were being over taken by weeds. It was not like it was well maintained or that they contributed any labor to making it look lovelier.

The old classroom had walls that would fall apart if you trying attaching anything to them. When I used Blue-Stick and took something down, part of the wall came with it. The new classroom has a virgin blackboard. I cannot wait to write on it and actually see what I writing. The old wall sucked up the chalk like a dry sponge soaks up water. All of the furniture is new , though I only counted 19 chairs and one of my classes has 25 students. Opps! First come first seated, I guess.

Then there is the office. At the old campus, I shared with the other native speaker. Now I will continue to share with him and a Hungarian instructor. However, the old office was small and cramped with furniture. We had to take turns changing our mind, due to space limitations. The new office is incredible large and we each have our own desk. Once I have my space decorated, it will feel like a home away from home. This is a place I am excited to come to, do not mind spending extra time at, and there is plenty of room to meet with students.

Classes will start next week for the last of the construction to finish and I am anticipating the students’ reactions.