Mystery Night

We had tickets to the theater with a group of others. One of my students tried corralling a group of twenty into going to get a 500 Huf discount, but it did not happen. Still, 2,000 Huf for just over $10.00 is not bad for a play. The venue was the Merlin Theater, which used to have a number of plays in English and is the ‘international’ theater in the city. When their long time acting troupe of three Brits abandoned them due to conflicts in artistic rights, their quality and quantity of English theater went into the pit.

This play was performed quite brilliantly by two Brits. The play was “The Murder of Irma Vep”. One stage set, multiple costume changes in the audience view, these two young actors portrayed eight different characters. On a scale of high school play zero to total professional 10, these two ranged about a six. Their performance was intriguing, but they projection left much to be desired in this small theater with limited seating. Being in the third row, we had difficulty hearing; those in the back rows must have had to read lips.

As we all agreed upon leaving, it was an entertaining evening out, but it ended there.