Mysterious Foods

Foodies and mystery lovers can rejoice with the mingling of the two in a series by Colorado author Diane Mott Davidson‘s. Her main character is named Goldie (birth name is Gertrude). Goldie starts out as a single mom after divorcing her no good, rotten, physically abusive medical doctor husband, hence known as the jerk. In order to support herself and her sole child Archie, Goldie starts Goldie’s Catering Service: “Where everything turns out just right”, in Aspen Meadows, CO. It needs to be said that Goldie moved there from the New Jersey shore, my home territory.
As a caterer, she is not only busy buying ingredients and making luscious dishes, but Aspen Meadows is a hellish place to live with a tremendous murder rate ranging over fifteen books so far. What makes these books especially fun, besides the descriptions of food preparation that will have you running to the fridge for a snack attack, she includes recipes for what Goldie is preparing. Goldie has some load of patience, because I used to do a lot of cooking, but there is no way I would spend that much time preparing a dish now.
This did get me salivating though. With an insatiable hungry for a tart lemony dessert after having a faboo one at Gerloczy Restaurant, the cravings have been fiercely building. With the cooler weather, I threw caution to the wind about heating up the kitchen and made lemon bars. 

The challenge here is finding what I needed. For example, they have brown sugar, but it is not the same brown sugar that we use for baking. It took me twenty minutes to find baking soda, so I bought 5 packets. One yummy recipe I found for lemon-raspberry muffins, but it calls for dried raspberries. I may substitute dried cranberries instead. Now I am looking for a zester and citrus fruit channeler.

Interestingly, I received my first “Goldie” book from a retiring Professor of  Political Science who happened to like mysteries and cooking. He finished his Fulbright year teaching here, had the book here, so gave it to me.

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