My Reaction to the News Around the World

There seems to be a variety of stories about what is happening here in various news sources around the world. I have read reports in different parts of the US as well as the UK and have received many e-mails from readers who are strangers, concerned about our welfare. One US paper has the streets ‘littered’ with burning cars. This is far from the truth.

From what we know, mostly through students, is that the riot happened on Monday night when citizens heard of a leaked tape by the current government that his party lied extensively to win the election. He promised lower taxes, we now have tax hikes, making Hungary one of the highest taxed countries in Europe. The riot was at the Hungarian National Television building where they broke into the building, set things on fire and destroyed equipment.

Presumably, there was another demonstration by skinheads at Blah Luiza ter, which is two blocks from us. We had our windows wide open until 11:00 pm when we went to bed, but did not hear a thing. We later heard the street was closed as a precautionary measure.

Demonstrations are continuing at the Parliament, mostly peaceful, to try to get the Prime Minister to resign. As I have said to others who have written me, I have taught each day this week, students have shown up for class, and life around all that I need to do has been normal. The transports are all running, people are busy shopping, working and carrying on with their daily lives. If you come visit and had your heart set on a Parliament tour, you will be disappointed for now. Otherwise, things seem to be status quo.