My Frozen Rhino Sperm Defrosted Faster Than Yours

Every time I think something has come along to make Budapest number 1 in some area, poof, it gets taken away.
Budapest has the 2nd largest parliament building in Europe. London is number 1.
Budapest has the 2nd oldest metro in the world (1896). London is number 1. (Boston is #3 1897, but I bet you thought it was NYC).
Budapest used to have the 2nd largest working synagogue in the world after NYC’s Temple Emanu-El, but Israel had to build a larger one, putting us down to #3.
I thought we had it in the bag, pardon the pun, when it was announced that Budapest had the world’s first rhino born from frozen sperm and used to artificially inseminate a female rhino. So today, that has gone poof too. Budapest is once again relegated to number two, second place after of all places Cincinnati. Since there is a tremendous Hungarian population in Cincinnati, does it count? Well, it seems that the zoo there had sent a correction letter based on the Budapest zoo’s announcement to defrost their flash-frozen news release. It seems all of this took place in 2007, so for a few years at least I could wallow in the joys of Budapest have the world’s best rhino sperm. 
Sometimes, you just have to appreciate the little things in life while you can. You never know when they may disappear.
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