My Brother, My Brother

I had to send my brother a note via Facebook. He doesn’t use e-mail any longer. I would not know how to call him. I found this note to someone else. Although we are full brothers, same mother, same father, we have two different last names. His last name is French, so you spot a Kevin French is the credits, it is my little bro.
“Yup I’m keeping myself busy for sure, but I haven’t been keeping up with the FB updates lately…I guess I got lazy with it….I need to get caught up. I’m like the film guy now. I’ve been working on a feature film Can’t Judge a Book (supporting role) in Philly and I was just given another supporting role in another Philly feature film… The Tea Man that should start filming in end of June early July. I just auditioned for another one in NYC called Stealing Suburbia but I don’t have a good feeling about that one.”

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