Mummy, Please, Please

The Fine Arts Museum has a special exhibition of Egyptian mummies and assorted other related artifacts. One of the three mummies has been unwrapped, making it quite chilling. As I stared, I wondered how the person would have reacted if they could have been told that in 2,500 years people from all over the world will be staring at your remains. Now that is a creepy thought. We have been to Egypt, but quite honestly, this exhibit was excellent, highly recommended. 

In addition, there is a 3D movie that runs for 8 minutes. What we did not realize until it started was the need for earphones for language translation. Most of it seemed to be a repeat of what was written in the mummy room, so if you read that you were covered. 

Another temporary exhibit now available is called The Eight, a group of Hungarian artists that studied in France, but had three art exhibitions here. Strangely, there were always more or less than the 8 in each of their three exhibitions and like other areas of life, the younger ones pushed the older ones out of the group. Also well worth seeing!

Absolutely high with culture, when you leave temperature controlled room with The Eight are on display, you are thrust into the gift shop. Needless to say, there are many Egyptian trinkets to spend money on, but there are really other delightful gift items. What I was especially impressed with are the books for children in Hungarian and in English. However, since modesty is not my best quality when I saw this, I about let out a yelp of joy! Second from the right is my book. It is always so exciting to suddenly come across it outside of English speaking countries

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