More Christmas

We are wrapping up the semester at school. Things are getting hectic trying to prepare for a month’s vacation at the same time. Yet, we took some time away for more Christmas fun. The Applied Arts Museum hosts a special Christmas Fair with juried artists. They charge 400 Huf to get it, but it is usually worth it to look around. After spending forty-five minutes at the tourist office trying to find out what weekend it was to be held, I came home to find an e-mail from one of my students telling me about it. There was a particular artist I was trying to find and she was going to be at this fair. That is why my student alerted me and asked to join us there. Imola, my student, met Ron and I at noon. Our friend Dawn was staying with us and she tagged along. Dawn is a contractor for one section of the Soros Foundation. Imola is an enterprising young woman who is working as an agent for a large number of artists, which I happened to mention to Dawn. As it turns out, the different groups that Dawn is working with are looking for illustrators for children’s projects. The two of them hooked up for possible work together. Imola joined Ron and I as we browsed the different artists’ work. One particular artist made clothes out of cork. It was amazingly beautiful. If I ever wore a vest or tie, I would have bought one, but I don’t. They were washable too, which was really different. Even the umbrella she had was 10 years old and looked brand new.
After a hour or more Imola and Dawn went back to our place to discuss business. Ron and I went with Mark and Chris, another couple to get some lunch. Chris had heard about another possible fair, so we checked that out too, but it was a bust. All in all, though, a good day.