The Money Comes and the Money Goes

We saved about five hundred Euros by going to Immigration with Laszlo, thus avoiding using a service. This necessitated our spending the money elsewhere. 

We bought tickets to The Netherlands for a quick spring break holiday on WizzAir. Not the bargain it once was, the tickets were 220 Euros for both of us round trip. Yet, there is an added fee for if you want to check in at the airport (7.50 Euros) as opposed to online, which is free. 

Then you need to decide ahead of time how many bags you will check and pay for them in advance or pay a higher fee at the airport. There is no such thing as a free lunch and the airlines want you to know there is no such thing as a free baggage check-in either. We chose one suitcase to be handed over for ten Euros additional, added to the ticket cost. I know that I have yet to read the fine print on the carry-on regulations, so my backpack is going to cost us more, I can just feel it.

Regardless, we will fly into Eindhoven on a Thursday morning, and then take the train to Amsterdam. Saturday plans are to train to Leiden and take the bus to Keukenhof  for the day. We were able to get our tickets online. This will be my third time to Keukenhof and Ron’s second. My camera cannot wait to go. 

On Monday, our flight is not until early evening, so we’ll return to Eindhoven to spend the day with American friends who are living there. 

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