Mixed Messages – With a Chuckle

Anyone who has ever been in therapy or is even aware of Pop Psychology has heard the term “mixed messages”. Here is a reader comment that made me chuckle.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Plus One“:
Bob has been reading your blog. Our best to you and Ron! ……Beth and Bob in Omaha 

Not so anonymous after all with both Bob and Beth identified. Further, what makes me wonder is if Beth is reading the blog too in order to comment on the fact that Bob is reading it?

Regardless of the logistics, Beth is a Professor of Nursing and an attorney who happened to grace Hungary as a Fulbright Scholar. Bob is her dry humored, ultra intelligent microbiologist husband who accompanied her here. While Beth was teaching public health, Bob was out in swamps collecting water samples. 

To say we have been graced with meeting a wide range of highly intelligent, interesting people is the ultimate understatement. Greetings to Bob and Beth in Omaha!!

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