Male Parts Appear on iPhone

Bad appleIf suddenly you find male genitals displayed on your iPhone and they are not yours, there is an explanation. You can either curse or thank Apple’s photo sharing AirDrop application, depending on whether you like what you see. Apple’s AirDrop is meant to be an easy way to transfer files between Apple products: desktop, iPad, iPhone, iGetit enough already.

Normally, the two components need the same Wi-Fi connection for the AirDrop to work. However, in England, some techie with too much time found a way to crack the system sending pictures of his private parts to an unsuspecting woman. Apparently, you need to accept the transfer before the image appears. After receiving a second image, the woman in question realized it was not a fluke and called the police. This cyberstreaker had to be in close proximity to make the hack. One quick look around for a man with his pants down could have helped catch the perpetrator, but he did get away.

It seems there are increased security settings with the AirDrop app to help ward off evil images, but not being an Apple fan, you will need to find them on your own. Alternatively, it will be interesting to see if this increases iPhone sales. (Joking of course!)

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