Made in America

This friend of ours sent out this news piece about a US special on television called “Made in America” with Diane Sawyer. The premise of the e-mail was that Sawyer, a famous television journalist went to different peoples’ homes and had removed everything that was not made in America. My guess is that America was ethnocentrically defined as the USA, not Canada or Mexico, or any country in the other Americas, like Central or South. 

Once all was identified as being from some other non-USA origin, the houses were empty. One house had a piece of ceramic, that ubiquitous hand print in clay that children make in school for Mother’s Day. Although there was some discussion about whether to get rid of it or not, because the child was from Vietnam and had been adopted. Technically, the hand print was not of American origin.

The end result and conclusion was that if Americans, US, not other OTHER Americans, would only spend a paltry $65 more a person per year, we or rather they could buy “Made in the USA” for all of their purchases. What was left unsaid was that many people would have 1/45 of the things they now have to dust and vacuum, since in reality not all things they want are “Made in America” in the size, shape, color, style, or let’s face it, quality we have come to expect from the Koreans and Japanese. 

There were two things that came to mind with this whole expose’. 
1. Are all of the raw materials for all of these “Made in America” products grown, produced, or created in the USA before the final product is created? If you want to see what the USA has to offer, you can visit here to see the items state by state.
2. If so many people want to create jobs and are so concerned with the American economy, why is Walmart and Sam’s Club thriving and pushing out small privately owned business that pay fair wages and care for their employees?

If you are concerned about the American economy and jobs be proactive to change the corporation laws. However, we know they have politicians in their pockets, so those changes will never happen. 

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