Lynn Writes In

There is nothing an author likes more than to be inspiring.

Dr. James,
First of all – you inspire me to travel.
I would like to go to New Zealand, possibly in February.  I am not sure at this time where I came across your blog, but I did.
I have never even read a blog before.  But I did find you.

I will have about 10 days only and have been trying to decide exactly where to go – south or north island?  Do hotels or maybe rent a van?  Not sure if the latter would work for me, I’m kinda spoiled and would like a real bed and hot shower!  haha
Would you be kind enough to take the time and give me some highlights?  We are coming from Minnesota’s winter and want sun and warmth – and I have tried to read info on the internet, there are so many conflicting comments and I am confused.
If you have time…..Thank you.
Do you think it will be safe for 2 women travelers?