Luck of the Irish and Some Foot Stomping

After thinking about having a summer vacation last year, the long “To Do” list this summer with fall teaching immediately following, I had to put my foot down. There had to be some R & R (rest and relaxation) for R & R (Ryan and Ron). R the elder is doing his annual trek to Denver and a little town in Iowa that no one has heard of outside of Cedar Rapids. Though he is visiting family, he does claim there are fun times involved. Personally, I love his family, but there is no family in the world I could handle for longer than 3 days including the days of arrival and departure. 

Having been a staunch supporter of equal rights for decades, I demanded petitioned and then threatened to have a fun time this summer also. Foot firmly planted after putting my foot down, we booked a week in Dublin for August. Hunting for a cheap airfare is like looking for an udder on a bull, but we finally found one. The key is being flexible with dates, but we had to fit it in between guests coming and going.

The last time and only time we were in Dublin was 2001. We loved it then, taking some side trips to Tara and other locales. Then we also spent a week in Galway, equally enchanting. Other day trips are on the list this time. I am not mailing anything this go around. The last time, I mailed myself souvenirs I did not want to carry, but they never arrived. 

Dublin, making the thought of the summer vacation ending, bearable. 

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