Linda Popped My Plum

plumOur friend Linda Evans from Las Vegas popped my plum. Well, at least she fully did so. She sent me an e-mail saying she was going to call me on my new New Mexico phone number via iPlum. My phone rang early in the day, but it would have been 2am her time. There was no one on the line when I answered.

Later in the day, Linda e-mailed me again to say she called twice and never any one answering or a voice mail prompt. This was strange as our friend Daphnee did call and did leave a voice mail message the day before. It was crystal clear. Technically, Daphnee did the original popping, but it was not a complete pop without voice to voice contact.

I called Linda via iPlum, but then received her voice mail. I had just sent her an e-mail alerting her to my attempt when she called me. She was my first. You know how you always remember your first time. This will live on in my memory.

There was a bit of a time delay, perhaps two seconds. I was tempted to say “Over” like short wave radio communications. Regardless, it really was clear sound. We just had to be patient for the other to finish speaking or we trampled over each other’s words.

Our list of communication options grows exponentially as technology progresses, yet we still cannot get others to catch up. We have these services on at least one of our phones.
Google Hangouts

What muddies my mind is that so many of our friends have smartphones: Android (favored) or Apple (despised), yet they resist using the capabilities of the devices. Why bother having a smartphone if you are going to keep it dummied down?  Maybe the real issue is they really don’t want to talk to us?

After completing my Ed.D., the frustration of finding a teaching position where I was willing to live, led to Ron and I leaving the country. We intended to travel for a year before settling somewhere in MA or RI. We left the US without any credit card debt, no car payments and our house mortgage paid by renters. We had $10,000 in the bank to make our way through a year.