Liking Waiting for a Birth

Getting new techie stuff for me is beyond exciting, but the wait reminds me of waiting for my brother to be born. The anticipation was great, but the end result was a bit of a let down. The tech was supposed to be here at 10am. I had everything backed up and ready to fly into the next level of Windows with arms spread wide planning to soar. My mobile phone rang since when the guy left yesterday, our landline, which is also cable stopped working. We have a call into the company to get that repaired now too. The labor time was premature, he has to stay at the office until 1:30pm.

At 3:30, he show us. Having flunked yesterday’s lessons, he had the audacity to state that this was going to be simple. All he had to do was set up the server. At 3:45, we gave him coffee. When the clock hit 4:25, it was ice water. The temperature out was 92F. By 6:30, we offered him a vodka and tonic. When it turned 8pm, we were thinking of including him in our dinner plans. At 8:30, we were considering making up a bed for him, but we are fully booked, so perhaps a spot on the kitchen floor?

As it turns out, the hard drive that I used to back up everything I needed from the old computer was too outdated for the new computer, so could not be installed. He had to run to a computer shop to get cables to allow me to use the old drive as an external one. Then there was the installation of the server software on three more computers.

What we have now is a system where guests will be able to video stream our movie collection onto their laptops in the privacy of their room. That is of course, after I have the time to load all of the 700+ movies onto the server. For now, I am reinstalling all of my programs under Windows 7, which has not been too much of a hassle. I guess having had to reformat the computer on a semi-annual basis in the past has increase my speed in doing it.

What I hate the most about the reformatting is all of the programs that I bought online and have saved registration keys for, but when you try to reinstall them, the keys no longer work. This happened for three programs that I use continually. I write to the support and hope to hear back one day.

Kudos to one company: Slysoft Software – I have three of their programs, which I use almost daily. They not only responded the same day I wrote, but they provided me with new keys. They thought the old keys may have been corrupted. Bless them.

Hats off to MailWasher Pro, the program that filters out my spam in the e-mail. When I could not get the program to install, they wrote me back asking questions. Until I retrieve it, I have 759 e-mails to sort through. If you don’t hear from me soon…