Like a Stationary Bike

There are times when I feel like I am on a stationary bicycle, pedaling fast and not getting anywhere that I want to be. When times like this occur it reminds me of why people use life coaches. Coach, coach thyself. 
I thought I had come up with a great theme color-wise for my new website. Drawing on a Hobbit theme, the greens were spectacular, the decorations were simple, but great, yet best of all there was a rabbit hole full of metaphors to associate with it.
The one website designer who I have worked with for a number of computer issues, wanted $1,200 to $2,000 if there were no complications. From past experience, I know there are always complications with them, so that idea was nixed.
I can see the site in my mind, I just cannot execute it into html coding. Now, the designer I was just introduced to looked at the template I started with and called it cheap. We have some work to do, starting with his fees and we may or may not progress from there.
In the meanwhile I am getting Photoshop lessons on Saturday to snazzle up some of my old pictures. Out of the 6,000+ on my computer, thus far I have found about 200 that would be worthy of decorating a mug, mouse pad, greeting card, or t-shirt using a POD company. POD is print on demand. A few of them offer the creation of a virtual store where you can upload your photos or art, advertise your shop and they print the order as it is ordered handling the shipping too. Nifty!
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