Last Day

We leave today for home, but our flight is not until 8:00 pm, so we have a full day. Chris and Mark wanted to shop, so Ron and I took off to discover areas we had not been to before or rediscover forgotten haunts.

We did discover a wonderful used English bookstore owned by an ex-pat U.S. American who has lived in Amsterdam for over twenty years. The Book Exchange is located at Kloveniersburgwal 58 1012CX Amsterdam, tel. 020-6266-266 and they are open on Sundays too. Do not attempt to say the street name three times fast or your tongue will be in traction. Having already splurged on seven new titles, I did not allow myself to browse for too long, but I did have a nice conversation with the owner while Ron looked for a specific title by a Polish author. It was not to be had.

We came across this church we had not been in before. The inside was decorated, no over decorated, like we have not seen before. It looked like the artist was a multiple personality and each personality had their own opportunity to add something. There was a mass going on at the time we entered, so I had to covertly take the picture, distorting the quality and the full sense of differing styles.

After some more walking, we settled at a cafe for a coffee, not realizing that it was one of “THOSE” cafes. The list of available products to smoke was quadruple the types of coffee they had to offer. We just had the coffee and sat outside along the canal while people watching.

This was the first vacation that we have taken with another couple. I have to say that it really enhanced our trip; we had a great time sharing sights and stories. We would definitely do it again with Chris and Mark.

By 6:00, we left the hotel, took the tram to the train, the train to the plane, and the plane back to Budapest. It was a glorious time away, albeit chilly at times, I do love The Netherlands. Ron teases me that I do not revisiting places I have been since there are so many new places to explore, yet I return there repeatedly. This is my 12th time.

I kiss the country good-bye until the next time.