Kudos for Hungary

Ron and I went to the Department of Epidemiology to find out what immunizations we would need for our trip to four African countries in December. I was a bit taken aback at how easy it went. Ron was about to find the questionnaire we needed to have filled in, online and in English. With these in hand, we found our way to the office where we took a number after pressing the button for ‘Consultations’, also written in English. We only had to wait about forty minutes when our number appeared on the board to go to room 1. There a woman doctor, who immediately sized us up as English speakers, greeted us. Her English was excellent. We had our records of previous immunizations from trips to Egypt and Thailand. After she reviewed where we were traveling, she looked over our records and explained the effective longevity of each one. I only needed Yellow Fever and the Tetanus/Polio Booster updated, while Ron needed three. We discussed Malaria and she told us the options, but we prefer doing it homeopathically. None of the drugs or the homeopathic options are 100%, but the drugs do have a greater likelihood of making you feel ill as a side effect. She admitted she did not know much about the homeopathic options, but went to fetch a colleague who did. She gave us the names of 2 remedies to take twice a day. While we had been sitting in the waiting room, there were flyers for ‘travel socks’. These are special socks that aid the circulation when flying long distance. This helps to prevent blood clots, which are common when cramped for periods of time. I had seen these in the States and in magazines, but we had never bought them. This listed a place where we could buy them for 2,500 Huf, a bargain when considering the consequences. As I was Googling around, I looked for natural mosquito repellants. I found a product made in the States, but did not know of anyone coming over to bring it for us in time. Coincidently, there was another flyer advertising the same thing on the waiting room table, so I took one with us. A student called them for me also and it turns out it is sold in many pharmacies. Am I impressed or what!