Kindred Spirit

Ron came across an article by Dick Cavett in the NY Times, which starts out with “Electronic devices dislike me. There is never a day when something isn’t ailing. Three out of these five implements — answering machine, fax machine, printer, phone and electric can-opener — all dropped dead on me in the past few days.”

Although, the rest of the article is a Sarah Palin punch, this one part made me feel a bit better that I am not the only one that is electronically disadvantaged. If you are interested in the full article, it is here:

Yesterday, I took my Palm Treo to a repair shop. It will not make calls or receive them, but all other functions seem to be fine. A full reboot by removing the battery, letting it drop the charge to zero and refreshing the battery juice did nothing to help. My sidekick student, Balazs went with me to interpret as needed. As it happens, we missed the guy responsible for repairs by about twenty minutes and I have to return on Monday. I asked Balazs to ask the man there if the repair man spoke English at all. He said in Hungarian that he spoke English. When I said to him, “Wonderful, what hours will the repair man be here on Monday?” He turned to Balazs and asked him what I said. Monday should be interesting. This weekend will be a pantomime rehearsal for when I return.