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I would say NOPE… this is Hungary after all. And I am Hungarian. :-S I would go and get the camera from somewhere else where they physically give it to you. Hope you like your stay here though, I have had enough, moving straight back to the UK. 
Thanks Kim. Normally, I would follow that advice, but my US contacts have warned me that the camera is not available in stores in there either. It is only available online in most places, so this seems to be standard operating procedure. The other options for purchasing here, are also online stores only, but without the extra lens for the same cost. The extra lens is another 72,000 Huf, making the wait a real bargain. I have not put any money down on it and will not until the camera arrives, so I have nothing to lose except maybe exceptional photography for our upcoming trip.


  1. Cooincidentally, another friend told me that he is interested in this same camera. I have owned Pentax (film) cameras in the past and been very happy with them.

  2. Sorry for the negativity earlier πŸ™‚ I am a bit depressed it's not working out in my birth country. Glad you are wise enough, not falling for the patter of the wheeler-dealers in this country. Hope you will get your camera on time, can't wait for the photographs. Regards, a fan.

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