Kim Files 9

The last day is always a bummer when you are really enjoying your time together. Kim and Ron gave me a helping hand in getting all of the beginning of the school year things to my office at the university. I had bought a printer for my own use, had piles of CDs and my laptop to bring back. This gave me the opportunity to show off the computer lab I had set up where I teach academic and creative writing, blogging courses, and monitor a peer to peer writing center.

We were going to Margaret Island next. The tram stops on the bridge, but the buses are curtailed due to construction. As warm as it was, the breezes kept us cool. We had wanted to rent a Brigihito bike built for four with a canopy, but it was already rented, not to be returned for fifty minutes. Hold Udvar is close, but an attempt to get some early lunch was thwarted by their not opening until noon. We grabbed a sausage from a vendor for the price of a lunch at the restaurant.

Our choice in bikes was still not available, so the next best thing turned out to be the better choice. We rented a golf cart that was motorized. Kim had to do it; you had to have a valid driver’s license. She drove us around the island for an hour, on any path we could find. It was fantastic.

On the way home, Kim and I got off a Antique Row for some browsing, walked to the Parliament, went to see the statue of Imre Nagy, and took the metro home. I tried making reservations at Hemingways. Tonight was a doubly special occasion. It was Kim’s last night and also our 16-year anniversary. I was truly upset when Hemingway could not give us a table; they closed for a private party. It is such a romantic spot.

One of my readers had written and suggested Dio be put in the book. This was plan two. We sat outside. The service was spectacular. Food was beautifully prepared and each morsel was taste bud heaven. This was truly a fabulous choice and Kim was kind enough to pick up the bill as a congratulatory present.

Those rose shaped ice cream cones called our names once again, so we had that for dessert. Now the countdown really starts for Kim to leave us. The shuttle comes at 4:50 am.