The Kim Files 2

We started our Thursday with a tour of the Dohany Synagogue, Memorial Garden, and the Jewish Museum. Though I have done this a few times in the past, it had been some time since the last, so I thoroughly enjoyed another go. We had two excellent guides, but the one in the museum spoke like a tightly wound rubber band coming undone. We really thought he would pass out from lack of oxygen; he never seemed to take a breath.

From one end of the spectrum to the other, we took Kim to the House of Terror, but we waited for her. Having been there a multitude of times, we did not feel a need to return. To sweeten the memory of the day, our next stop was Lukacs Cukraszda, a pastry shop which did not get a stellar review in my last book. The manager sent a letter to my publisher stating he was highly offended by the review. His claim is that the pastries are so outrageously priced because they are the same quality as what you would get in Paris or Rome. Well this is not Paris or Rome and the salaries are nowhere near them either. However, giving them a second chance for a new review, we did find the service better, but the prices still too high.

Dinner was a reunion of sorts. Besides the three of us, two former students and the son of a friend joined us at Crazy Dszungel restaurant. This delightfully decorated place has different theme rooms with motifs of jungle, desert, pirates, under the sea, and so on. The menu is extensive, the food is fabulous, and the service is excellent. Of course, this was only outshone by the company, which was five stars on its own.