Kangaroo Island to Adelaide

Leaving Kangaroo Island was no hardship for me. I cannot imagine a lifestyle here being cut off from everything. They don’t even have the population for a small cinema. There are only 4,000 on the island. Ron was heartily disappointed we did not see any kangaroos or wallabies, so we agreed to get up at 6:00 am to wallaby hunt before the ship back to Adelaide. When the alarm went off, Ron dressed and went looking while I showered, assured he would not have found a thing.

When he returned claiming he saw a wallaby, I made him show me pictures before I believed him. He had. We went again and sure enough, we saw the same one, but then three others followed. The difference between a wallaby and a kangaroo is that they are smaller. These wallabies have long tails that are not as powerful as the shorter tailed kangaroo on the island.

Satiated with our discovery, we went back to the hostel to check out, walking back to the boat and boarded within fifteen minutes. The return ride did not feature Santa Claus. Perhaps 8:30 am is too early for him to appear. The ride was close to two hours and we walked to the Adelaide Central Youth Hostel from there. Check-in is at 1:00, so we had to leave our things and return later. Sunday is not a booming day in the city. Most everything was closed, but we found activity on Gourge Street and Rumble the pedestrian street. We looked at the Christmas lights, the decorated arcades, and snapped pictures. We stopped for lunch at the Hogs Breath Café, not associated with Clint Easwood’s place in Monterey, but they did have menu items like the Dirty Harry burger.

This hostel is incredible. The kitchen has twelve work stations, each equipped with a sink, all of the plates, cups, glasses, and silverware you could need. Each also has a four burner stove, a microwave, and cutting boards. The dining and relaxation area has huge dining tables in addition to sofas, soft chairs, and games. On the balcony are tables and chairs for smokers.

Most of the evening was spent reading and preparing for our ten hour train ride the next morning.