Jewish Museum – Cape Town

Romaney works part time in a craft and paper store. Her store is competing for the J & B Horse Race competition for displays. If they win, they will get tickets to the famous race and other prizes. We have our fingers crossed for you Romaney.

Later today, Ron and I went to the South African Jewish Museum, which has a Holocaust Center, synagogue, and museum all on the same grounds.

Later in the evening, Patricia and Don asked us to join them to see the movie The Queen, with they and their friends. We were walking to the movie from the car when I heard a car honking and my name being yelled out. Jean and Omo were driving by and jumped out of the car to hug us. They had planned on going to Mozambique from Johannesburg, but changed their minds. It was so good to see them. Patricia was planning our going away feast for the night before we left and invited them.