Itsy Bitsy World

This friend of mine from years ago sent me a note on Facebook today. He was my first friend in Modesto, CA when I moved there in 1986. He is now living in Dallas, TX and is gay. Traveling a great deal for work, he happened to be in Oklahoma City at the time they were having their Gay Pride parade and subsequently met a guy there that he had prior contact with through a gay dating service.

He and the guy met, yada, yada and at some point in their talking he mentioned a friend of his who now lives in Budapest, Hungary runs a B and B, mentioning my name. It turns out that the good friends of this new beau were guests at our B and B. What is even stranger is that just a couple of weeks ago they sent a note ‘just to check in and say hi’. This was about a week before all of the dots were connected. Who says there is no intuition. 

Life is amazing at times.

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