It’s a Small World After All

I would suggest we all burst into song, but then again, I am fearful of being sued by Disney for copyright infringement. Do they still have that gosh awful song playing on one of their rides?
Each week, I blog a question or statement in each of  three different blogs for my journalism students. They are just finishing the book The Color of Water, which always produces engaging conversations and discussions in class. For this week’s blog entry, I searched for and found a wonderful video that I thought was perfect timed and
placed it in the Race and Ethnicity blog this last week. The assignment was to watch and then write which person they could identify emotionally with even though they were not biracial. Because I was so impressed with the video I added a comment on YouTube stating that I was going to use it for my R and E class in Budapest, Hungary. Today, I received this e-mail from the director of the video.
Dr.  James,
My name is Sterling Hudson, the director of the documentary, Mulatto: Mixed Race In America.  I want to thank you for the positive response to the clip posted on YouTube! Your comment could not have been any more timely!  I am currently in Paris, I will go to Budapest soon while I’m there I want to organize a screening at several universities including ELTE and CEU.  I would love your help in making this a reality!  The proposed dates are December 14th and 16th! 
I feel that is a very important topic not only for Americans but also for a Hungarian audience also as they are in the process of forming a national identity of their own.  In the last 300 years the country has been under rule by many powers and the Hungarians are also a very “mixed race” group of people all in themselves! Now is the time for the country to form it’s own liberated sense of “self”.  Also, more directly, with a African community, soon Hungary will have it’s own “mulattoes”. 
I would like to organize a event out of these evenings complete with musical entertainment to start program.  I would like lecturers, such as yourself to speak on the topic and it’s revelence in today’s world.  I would also speak about current situation in America about race and identity.  I would like to close the evening with a reception to further the discussion!
Your help would be greatly beneficial to the success of the program!  Also, I would be greatly appreciative!  A little about me,  I am a student from New York City.  I am originally from Flint, Michigan but I have been living and studying in New York from last seven years.    I took a break from school this semester, when I return to New York in January I will finish my B.A at City University. 
Any questions or thoughts, please feel free to ask!
Thank you!
Sterling Hudson
This guy is an undergraduate!! I was blown away by this. What an incredible piece of work he has produced and he has yet to get a degree. This is one career to follow for sure. Of course, I wrote him back and offered to assist. As it happens, December 14th is our last meeting of 2010 for the Creativity Group.

Aside from that, my dad was born and raised near Flint, Michigan and that is near where I finished high school. It is a small world.

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