It Is a Small World After All

I alluded to this in the post about meeting Katie, so here is the scoop. One of the woman I was in the doctoral program with was Dawn (formerly) Tankersley. Dawn was just remarried this last weekend. Congratulations! Dawn lives in Bastrop, Texas, which according to her is outside of Austin. I have been to Houston a number of times, but never saw other parts of the huge state. Dawn is a consultant for the formerly Soros Foundation funded Step-by-Step program, which has a base office here in Budapest. She used to spend a great deal of time here in Budapest, but not so much anymore. Regardless, when she does need to be in the city, she stays here.
One day, Dawn is telling me this story about how she was speaking with this woman in Bastrop, though I cannot remember the circumstances. Dawn happened to mention to this woman that she spends a good deal of her work time in Budapest, Hungary. The woman says to her, “Oh, really? I regularly read a blog by an American who lives in Budapest, but I don’t suppose you know him? His name is Ryan James.” After Dawn stopped laughing, she told this confused woman why she was tickled and told her of our relationship that started in 1997.
You never know who you are going to meet. You never know who may know who that you know. You never know who is reading what you put out in the ethers. This was a real thrill for me to find this out. Welcome Bastrop readers.
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