Is it Mercury Retrograde Time?

There used to be an American guy here from New York City who was teaching journalism and broadcasting at a vocational college here. We became acquaintances and each time I had a computer disaster, he would blame it on  a Mercury Retrograde. Here is a short lesson in astrology and astronomy.

Mercury rotates around the sun every 88 days, approximately four times in the time it takes Earth to do one rotation. This makes sense since Mercury was the messenger of the gods, so he had to be fast. However, it appears and appears only, but is not reality that Mercury slows down to get his breath and then stops (stationary retrograde), moves backwards for a few weeks revisiting where he had been (retrograde) and spurts forward at times. The planet Mercury is said to be associated with or to rule all activities that relate to communications, travel, learning.

Well, two days ago, there was a glitch in our BudaBaB website. When my Joomla Guru went to fix it, it went from bad to non-existent. With all of the tweaks he had done, it is still not back. I have been back and forth between my helper here and my host provider in Texas. Without either of them, I would have had a stroke by now, but I am hoping all will be over soon and we will be back to normal.

After consulting the astrological charts, it looks like Mercury cannot be held responsible for this one. Darn it! If anyone wants me, I will be buried in a book ignoring the rest of the world until this is fixed.

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