“It is an ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way.”
Rollo May

It is ironic that the last post was about the Hungarian airline that may be grounded due to exorbitant fines imposed by the EU. They were caught with their wings in the government coffers. Okay, drum roll please while the irony comes flying out at you. 

Malév announced they will begin commence with 5 flights, one on each weekday from Budapest to Tripoli the capital of Libya as of October 23rd. Now there is a real tourist hotspot. I am sure that route will be in high demand. A half empty plane going and a full load returning. Malév will be the first European airline to resume flights into the Libyan capital. But there is even more irony, get ready for it. The Tripoli airport has not reopened to commercial air traffic. It is expected to reopen within 2 months. I guess Malév did not check their Libyan calendar.

Before you run faster to your nearest travel agent for that Malév ticket, read the post right before this one a second time or pick up a copy of a Rollo May book to slow you down.

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