Iowa Tea Party

I make lots of Iowa jokes around the house and this is for two reasons. 
1. Ron is from Iowa, so I like getting under his skin about being a Midwestern
2. I lived in Michigan, so I am not too fond of the Midwest.

Now, I am not too fond of the American movement, the Tea Party either. However, when Ron brought this card home, I had to laugh. He said they were on all of the tables in a restaurant he went into while back home in Iowa. There was no need to scan the reverse side of the card because it was blank, total white space. This is exactly as the card was, nothing has been cut off or deleted in the scanning process. With that in mind, what do you notice what is missing?

Did you guess? If you didn’t guess what is missing, note that there is no address for where you are supposed to send the donations you committed yourself to on this card. Do we really want these people running the government? 

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