Fringe With the Nieces

We had a dance performance today called “Danceforms: The 37th International Choreographers’ Showcase”. We paid 9 pounds each on a 2 for 1, but went last year and loved it. The show was 2 hours. There were about 12 different performers, solos and small groups. There were a couple of excellent pieces, one in particular was the Black Eagle, a solo woman in tons of black chiffon or netting.

Ron and I went down to the 1/2 price ticket office to see what was offered. I spotted a guy giving away free tickets and sent Ron over. He returned with four, but we needed to buy another. I strolled around and then honed in on the guy and requested a ticket. He said “Aren’t you with that guy over there?” Without looking at where he pointed, I said “No, I am with someone else.” He was so confused, he gave me a free ticket.

When we went to round up the girls, like herding cats, Nicole was not feeling well and begged off. I lied for a free ticket for nothing, but I would have been really upset if we have paid for it. The show was “Just So!” based on Kipling’s book of the same name. I was a little concerned that these college graduates would think it was lame, but they loved it and told Nicole what a good show she missed out on.

We went to grab something to eat and then decided we all wanted to see “Puppetry of the Penis”. It is amazing that these guys have been doing this show for seven years and are still packing them in. They are earning money for things that most boys experiment with during their youthful years. Wow!

The show ended after 11:30 pm, so we headed home to catch the last bus. They stayed for another show.