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Almost a year ago, on January 30, 2009, I posted an article regarding Malev Airlines having been taken over by Aeroflot.

Now, today, I received a comment on that posting. Better late than never? Does the speed of the comment say something about their attention to detail? When I went to the website and looked at the destinations that Malev is flying to, what is really telling is that they stopped their flights to both the US and Canada. The rest of the list is of interest also.
Malev Airlines has left a new comment on your post “Russian Bank, Aeroflot to take over Malév followin…”:
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  1. I visited the link and saw that the Northern-American flights are “terminated”, but I don’t think that they stopped their flights to the US. Although this “Altiusdirectoy.com” website is really comprehensive in terms of information listed, it does not seem to be completely reliable. According to Malév’s official website (www.malev.hu), they do have flights to New York City and Chicago. I failed to find Canada, so that appears to be terminated.

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