If It Isn’t One Apartment, Its Another

I have been looking at apartments. Not for me and no, I have not kicked Ron out either. We have a new Fulbright person staying here who is on a student grant. He tried doing the apartment hunt long distance, but without success, so he waited until here to continue it. 

Since he is not familiar with the city or the ways of apartment shopping, I have gone along with him. The other reason is that I am curious what apartments are costing these days as compared to what you are getting for the money. So far, I have not been impressed. They either was a full one year lease, where Fulbrights on ‘year’ scholarships are only here for 9 months, or alternatively they want to charge exorbitant fees generated by week to week fees.

We have looked at a few already, but ran into the weekend, where even if the apartment is vacant, the landlord cannot be bothered to show it until the following Monday. There are more apartments to see today, but Ron will take his turn today and go looking.

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