Identity Found

Ah, the mystery student has identified herself. If I had a tidy list of e-mail addresses, I could have sought her out, but alas she had to step forward. 

As a result, I realized I could have traced back her moniker, which I did today and found that she has been blogging also. I read some of it when I was taking a break from my writing and was struck by the depth and emotion in one particular post called “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” on July 20th.

It is most likely the fact that I could relate so well to the sentiment, but I found it very powerful. With that, I sent it to Ron to read, who also was impressed without the ability to identify with the emotions. I want to recommend it here to others. I hope Andrea doesn’t mind, but a public blog is meant to read and shared.

One of the interesting and often joyful things about teaching university is that you get to know your students as students in the classroom, but you get to understand them as humans after they graduate.

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