I Want to Set Hounds Loose on FireFox

I am ready for an old fashioned fox hunt, but of the virtual kind. Just yesterday, I noticed that on our website 
Red fox. Picture from Skandinavisk Dyrepark, D...Image via Wikipediapage “More Useful Links”, most of the pictures were not displaying. Why was this happening? I checked the kitchen computer, but they showed fine. On my school laptop, nothing. They were not there. Then the same thing was happening with Chrome, but not with Internet Explorer, which I never use at all. 

Time to contact my Joomla Guru, Nigel. Knowing ahead of time what his first suggestions would be, I cleared the cache of both programs, rebooted the computer after a full shutdown and tried again. No luck at all. 

Nigel was not able to recreate the problem; he could see all. He suggested I uninstall and re-install the programs. Viola, it worked with Chrome, but not FireFox. Damn! I cleared the cookies, I cleaned the cache again, I checked all security options, deleted add-ons, read all of FireFox’s troubleshooting with images and followed each precisely. Still nothing. 

I looked at the CPanel of my site to see if there was something there, but since I had not changed anything there, why this would suddenly happen was beyond my comprehension. It was just a matter of ruling out everything possible. After Goggling the issue, the only things that were apparent were from 2009 the latest. I guess they cleared up their problems since then. I looked to the Joomla Forums for help, but had to register first. To register, they have one of those captcha codes that you have to figure out in order to move to the next level. Some of those damn things are harder than a tough level of Angry Birds. After 4 attempts of getting it wrong, I was an angry bird. It locked me out for too many tries. Now when I try again, I have to enter all of the contact information all over again and hope I can read the grayed out lettering that looks like Halloween script that had been written in pencil and left in the rain.  

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