I Think Anyone Can Vote Regardless of Country

Please vote. It costs you nothing and it can be done regardless of country. As a victim of childhood bullying, I strongly support this initiative.

Courage Campaign
Dear Ryan,
You did it! We won $50,000 from Pepsi to fund our LGBT anti-bullying work! After you helped push us across the finish line late last week, we finished in the top 10 and won. We couldn’t have done it without you.
We have more exciting news, which is that we’ve been accepted for the July round to get another $50,000! The money would go to fund our Camp Courage training program, giving local activists the skills they need to organize for LGBT equality on the ground. We’ve trained nearly 2,000 activists and we’re excited to train more!
But we need your help. Can you go the extra mile this month and sign up for daily reminders to vote for us?
Here’s how it works: each day during the month of July, you’ll get a quick reminder in the morning to spend a minute voting. You can vote once per day. Just click, vote, and you’re done. It takes less time to vote than it does to read this e-mail.
Just a minute to help a good cause earn $50,000 of Pepsi’s money. A minute to empower more activists to organize for LGBT rights in places like Tennessee and Oregon. And a minute to get fewer fundraising asks from us! What could be better?
Sign up for quick reminders during the month of July. Then, please make sure to vote for us in the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest.
Thanks for all you do!
Rick Jacobs
Founder and Chair, Courage Campaign
P.S. To cast an extra vote, you can text in our voting code (107728) to the Pepsi number (73774) once daily. Don’t worry, you won’t be signed up for anything without your consent.
P.P.S. Drink Pepsi? Look under the cap or inside 12-pack cardboard boxes! There are Power Voting Codes that are worth up to 100 votes each. You can either cast them yourself here, or e-mail them to pepsi@couragecampaign.org and we’ll take care of getting them in!

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