I Left My Book in Ljubljana

We are traveling home again. If you want to read more, go to post “Leaving on Railjet Train” on August 18th, 2011 and read from the bottom up so you have our trip in reverse. 
Seriously, the 9 hours did seem to go by rather painlessly, but the temperature was higher today than coming. I was able to finish 300+ pages of a Lisa Gardner novel and take naps to pass the time. 
“I Left My Book in Ljubljana” will be a new song title to compete with I Left My Heart in San Francisco We got home and I discovered that I had forgotten the small bag with the Jostein Gaarder book that attracted me into the bookstore. Also in the bag was a little wall plague with the Ljubljana dragon on it. I hate when I do that; generally I am so compulsive about checking and double checking the room. 
I will flog myself with wet noodles.
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