I Have Never Been Bi-Curious

Unlike some, I have never been one to wonder how the other half lives, but perhaps because it have never been the other half. Rather it has been the less than 10%. There are those loyalists who love being the martyrs to the cause that their way is the best way, yet it never has appealed to me in the least. Even the tech writer, who I have followed for years, dipped her toe on the other side, but did not find the satisfaction she heard so many stories about. Her equipment sits in a corner collecting dust.

What? What did you think I was referring to? No, computer systems. Listen Mac, I have never been curious enough to try an Apple by any other name. There has always been something about the design of the screen, icons, and all the visuals that was just not apple-peeling to me. 

Back to Debra Littlejohn Schindler who is the editor of XPNews and Win7News and who has tried a MAC to be fair to herself and readers. As she said in one of her editorials, she tried to love it, but could not. Before some of you get your back hairs in an uproar, she goes on to say how she additionally tossed her cash over to Steve Jobs‘ way by additionally buying an iPad. 

The iPad she loved for a quick look at the Internet, checking e-mail and other fast fix needs. Yet again, she pointed out what many before her said is wrong the iPad that would make it superior. It does not allow for a flash player, no USB ports, no camera, no clock, and… If you need more, read this article by an Apple magazine writer. 
So this may all lead to the question then, why are they selling like crazy? Why is Apple stock over $300 a share? All new toys are popular out of the gate. This is the first tablet that has worked. Yes, there have been other tablets in the past. Both MS and Apple had failed attempts in the past. Personally, I think it is the economy that has made it most popular. The economy stinks. What do people do in a poor economy? They look for something to cheer themselves up. Hey, the credit cards are already close to being maxed out, so why not hit the wall with a fun toy?

Well, those who wait will have their patience rewarded. HP and a host of others have watched what Apple did wrong and will be making it right by Christmas. HP is putting its Slate out there next month. Then the others will follow shortly. Click here to preview some of them. Click here to see the nine other contenders.

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