I Have Been Sleeping Around Again

It is a tough life being a travel writer, but someone has to do it. I had to sleep in a luxurious hotel last night, but before anyone gets too jealous, it was only four stars. I am not going to mention the hotel, because they should not get the free publicity. After all, I did not publish photos of all of the other hotels I have slept in in the past. You may be able to see the plate of fruit on the table. The classier hotels that have managers with a sense of good marketing, provide a little “gift” when a writer is staying with them. Nice touch!

When it is a bottle of wine, I bring it home to Ron, but fruit gets smashed along the way. Besides, I had a number of things to check out in the area, so I knew I would not be home right away.

I have another hotel to stay at tomorrow night. We will see how well they treat me there.