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I had thought this was going to be a no-brainer, but apparently I am not running in the most techie group of people. I have been using Dropbox for some time now. For years, I would do something on my school computer and then have to save it to a USB stick to transfer it to my home computer or the process in reversed. The problem was with too many things to do, it often took extra time to remember or investigate which version of a document was the latest, so I would not overwrite any changes.
With Dropbox, I can upload it into my account and it is there regardless of which computer I happen to be working on, plus it is also accessible on my smartphone. It has saved me tons of time, but honestly, I was resistant at first. Yet now, I have so much for school and other things, documents, photos, music that I want to have access to for various reasons, I am running out of room. 
Dropbox has a solution. You can get up to 8 GB for the free account by doing various things. The first and easiest is to sign up for a free account. The if you take their tutorial tour, you get a bonus amount of storage. Finally, you can get others to sign up and they will give you 225 MB for each person who joins. I thought that with my connections on Facebook, students, friends, former guests, this would be easy-peasy, but no. It has not been easy at all.
I have moved into bribery!

If anyone is interested, I have 200 invites to Google + left to give away. What I am willing to do is trade an invite for people who will join Dropbox with my referral code so I can get my account to the maximum 8 GB. 
Here is the referral link: 
What you need to do is this:

1. You need to download Dropbox.

2. Run the program
3. Create your own FREE dropbox account.

After you have created your account using my referral, I will get a notice of new space added with your e-mail as the source. Then I will send you a Google + invite.
When I reach 8 GB, I may take back this offer. Act now, but if you do, send me a note to so I know I should be looking for your referral status and I can prepare to send you a Google + referral.
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