I Had a Dream

Seriously, I am not trying to do a bad Martin Luther King impression; last night or early this morning, I had a dream. All that I remember of the dream was that there were three disks, like DVDs twirling in concentric circles while partially overlapping each other. The left disk was a blueberry blue, the middle was the pear green, and the right one was rhubarb red.

When I woke, I knew this dream could only mean one of two things. Either there was some message here relating to the sound card problem with the laptop or my unconscious mind was telling me I needed to add more fruit to my diet.

By way of process of elimination, while drinking the first cup of coffee, I booted up the laptop, had a bowl of blackberries for breakfast, and then proceeded to download the drivers once again. 

The nVidia driver showed a message that said “Damn fool, how many times do we have to tell you that you have the latest driver your butt is going to get? Now stop wasting our time with this nonsense.”

However, the Realtek took pity on me, downloaded, but when I went to install it, something new and different happened. It installed. After a reboot, I had sound. I could hear, I could hear! It was a miracle. I could hear.