Okay, it may not be Hollywood or even Bollywood, but for the last three days our street has been partially closed off to parking. On one side of our utca, huge vans lined the street. They were for film crews who were filming a movie, but no one seems to know much about it. Rumors are that it is a documentary. We can rest assured, it will not be in English. We can also be confident that though Jude Law was filming a flick in this glorious city, he was nowhere to be found on Akácfa utca. He has trolled the streets in the recent past, causing quite a stir as Classicalite reported, but alas, there were no LawLess sightings in our daily routines. Apparently, Mr. Law was not so law-abiding with his drunken behavior. Well so many Brits come here for the cheap beer and the beautiful women, he is just being typical.

Jude Law is reportedly shooting Melissa McCarthy‘s latest comedy flick Spy in Budapest with 50 Cent and Jason Stratham among others, but that clearly isn’t all the womanizer is up to in Hungary.

How nifty is this? Our street has a Wikipedia entry. The irony is that I despise Wikipedia for most things that involve intellect. Enhanced by Zemanta