Hungary News in Brief…

Our flight does not leave Budapest until 6:50 pm, so I have some time on my hands. I could be doing something productive like laundry or exercising, but nah!
Here are some brief notes to check out. Hungarian hotels are in such dire straits that they are closing off floors to save money. Budapest of course is in bed with desperate measures due to the economy. Read more here
Northern Hungary had a tornado. It could very well have been one here that uprooted the trees on Margaret Island a few months back. To read about the tornado weather, click here.


Another headline was Skype “unplugs” Budapest call center. I read the article, but I am still not sure what it means other than more job losses.

Surprisingly Hungary found to have lowest rate of foreigners in EU. Perhaps if we read the article about hotels, which are meccas for the unskilled and undereducated, we can see some reasons. Then the Skype lay-offs and many Hungarians moving to other countries to find fame or fortune has persuaded others not to make this a long-term stopover. There is that niggley little issue of having to pass a Hungarian exam both written and verbal before getting citizenship. Hmmm…I can think of 44 reasons (the Hungarian alphabet) off the top of my head that would prevent many from doing it. Interestingly, some people where the consensus was that they were not brightest bulb in the chandelier have actually learned enough Hungarian to pass the exam. Others who are award winning scholars have not been able to master a simple sentence; if such as sentence exists in Hungarian. With easier languages to learn, you just may want to drop France or Spain from your list of places to live. Read this.

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