How Much Do You Invest in an Old Workhorse?

If you have an old workhorse that has put in a number of good years and has been productive, how much more do you invest in him? I subscribe to a educational newsletter called Edutopia. This last week’s issue was a bit different as it had an advertisement from Drexel University in Philadelphia. What piqued my interest from this where the online certification programs they were offering for teachers or would-be teachers. The hook was in, now they were reeling me in; I read further. 
Taking a step back, let me say that many, many years ago, in a land far from here, in a section of a city that was not real pleasant, I taught elementary school. I did not have a certification at the time, just my BA degree. After three years, I decided to start on my MA in Education from what was then La Salle College, but is now La Salle University. After one semester, the funds ran out. There were some funds though for the MSW program at Temple University, so switching gears, that is where I headed.
As it turned out, I eventually taught social work, psychology, and sociology amongst other topics before coming to Hungary. California awarded me a Lifetime Credential for college and university teaching. My teaching record now spans 20++ years. However, I still do not have that desired credential for K-12. 
Looking at the Drexel site, there was one program that I could lust over. Technology Teaching Specialist! When I was an undergraduate, this field did not exist. Breathing heavy and adrenaline pumping, I look over the program. Due to an agreement with Drexel and the State of PA, this certification is accepted in a number of states. The whole thing is done online, so no community, getting more excited, then the kicker, crash landing. The tuition…$686 PER CREDIT. The program is 29 credits, which let me save you from running to grab a calculator; it is $19,894. This is just a certification mind you, not a full and complete degree. Applicants have to have their degree already. 
With an outstanding student loan of $70,000 and rising due to interest compounded, there is no way this is possible. As it is, if I return to the States before I go on Social Security, I am looking at a $524 a month student loan payment now. So this old horse is not getting any upgrades before being put out to pasture.
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