How Many Technicians Does It Take to Change a Modem?

How many technicians does it take to change a modem? Apparently for UPC, my cable company, the answer is two. When they asked me which of the two hour slots I wanted someone to by, I opted for the 11am to 1pm time frame. 
At 11am, my watch beeped the hour and the doorbell rang simultaneously. Two young English speaking technicians were at the door ready to change out the Internet modem from 60/6 Mbit/s to 120/10 Mbit/s with a fee increase of 1,000 Huf a month. Not bad to double your speed.
With the tools they were carrying and enough cable to wire the entire fourth floor, I had anticipated hours of interruptions. By the time I had the laundry strung out on the line, they were finished. Bravo, UPC. Now I have to change out the modem as the current one is not powerful enough to handle the speed. Oh well!
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