Hot Under the Collar, the Shirt, the Pants…

HOT!! Can you say it is hot? It has been hot for days now, but the last couple it has been 90 degrees or hotter. If you want that is Celsius, use Google to figure it out. I am too hot to be bothered. What is the forecast for tomorrow? More hot, but with an er, so hotter.
If you are reading this while in air conditioning, know right now I dislike you very much. Air conditioning here in Budapest is as ubiquitous as the proverbial teats on a boar. Joints to the mall are worthless, where the temperatures hover about four degrees lower than outside. One store, LUSH, which once had an open kiosk on the mall floor, had to close down when all of their handmade natural soaps melted one summer. 
The only place to find relief is at the movies where you literally need to wear a jacket since the A/C is cranked up like it is on steroids. Alas, there is only one movie theater left were they show movies in English on a regular basis and have air conditioning. We just may have to camp out there if this continues. 
When I was with my one private student today, he was telling me his partner’s electric bill has gone up 150,000 Huf since using the air conditioning. That is more than my monthly salary at the university. 
Reading that many Americans are going without too due to economics is…can I say heartWARMing? 
“A study by the Pew Research Center, “Luxury or Necessity? The Public Makes a U-Turn,” Rich Morin and Paul Taylor, (April 23, 2009), showed that the percentage of Americans who considered “air” a necessity, rather than a luxury, peaked to 60% in 2006, and dropped sharply to 45% in 2009. This was attributed to economic decline. In spite of widespread use of air-conditioning, there are numerous families existing without “air” for the first time. Many live their entire lifetimes without “air.” This is evidenced by emergency requests for fans when a heat-wave occurs. The fact that it is okay to live without “air” is supported by overwhelming evidence that air-conditioning is not “green.” Quoted from here.
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