Home Exchange

This morning, I signed up for HomeExchange.com. This is listed as one of the oldest and best home exchange sites on the net. Starting with a 14-day free trial, we intend to keep it going. Some of our friends have had amazingly positive results and not one negative one.

The funny thing is, 2 hours after I completed the copious pages of the profile, I received an e-mail from another member. He is from the Canary Islands and loves Budapest. He and his 3 friends are in their 50s and 60s. His place looked gorgeous. They wanted an exchange for mid-June to mid-July. Unfortantely, I have university obligations as well as B and B guests during that time. 

 This does bode well for the future. The next step is to register with house-sitting sites.

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  1. Great to hear you're trying Home Exchange – its a really great way to travel for less and feel like a local.

    You might like to check out CasaVersa – http://casaversa.com a home exchange website that charges no annual fee – in fact it's free to join and your first exchange is free – a great way to try out home exchange.

    Happy Travels!

  2. This post reminded me of one of the cutest American romantic comedies ever, The Holiday!:) Livi

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