Holy Cow! No, Holy Elephant!

As Vándorló commented, the source was missing. I had to copy and paste this six times to get it to look proper and not a jumble or elephant sized words. Problems with Blogger. When I finally got it correct, I forgot to put the link in again. It is linked by clicking on the post title.

Remember how Budapest was shamed two years ago after the local “Cowparade” resulted in the world’s highest rate of artificial cow public art vandalism? Well, don’t worry – it won’t happen again. Instead, it looks like this time the city’s irrepressible hooligans will be forced to kick over, spray paint, steal, blowtorch or otherwise ruin big colorful statues of elephants. As part of a charity/PR campaign un-creatively called the “elephant parade,” almost 100 artificial elephants will be placed at intersections around the city. The first such statue, a pink pachyderm designed by artist/former Yoko Ono boy toy Sámuel Havatődy, was recently completed (right). Havatődy had this to say about his elephant, which is decorated with a lace pattern named “Hope”: “Thread is very weak on its own, but if it is spun into lace, it makes a strong material.” No doubt we’ll soon be finding out just how strong it is.

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  1. Why have you just cut and pasted a story from Pestiside.hu directly without comment or forgetting to credit the source? http://www.pestiside.hu/20081124/animal-news-iii-elephants-to-replace-cows-in-traditional-sacrifice-to-bp-savages/

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