Here is All the *Dirt Fit to Print

For those who have come to Budapest and have said “This is such a beautiful city, it is a shame it is so dirty.” Being overly protective, after they pick me up off of the ground from shock and horror, I want to yell “Have you ever been to a US city that is not dirty? Have you been to Market Street in San Francisco for example?”
Generalizations abound and sometimes it is all we have to comment on with limited experience. I find it is usually the people who are only here for 3 nights after arriving at 9pm the first night, never leave the accommodations until 11:30am and return somewhere around 6:44pm for an evening of e-mailing and posting photos, who have make comments such as this. They come across one errant dog’s remainder, so all streets are covered with wayward canines who form gangs to pollute the streets of innocent tourists who want to look up while they walk to see the architecture. To all of these people I say, turn about is fair play here is the *dirt about your cities.
In today’s Tourism Review, they listed the top ten dirtiest cities in the US according to a survey by Travel & Leisure magazine. Read it and weep.
10 Dirtiest Cities in the U.S. (Travel + Leisure magazine)
2 Philadelphia
4 Memphis
5 New York
8 Miami
9 Atlanta
10 Houston
To see eleven through twenty, go here, but only after you have fully enjoyed reading my blog. Just a little sneak peak, SFO is number 12!
*For those non-English speakers or those not into the slang, dirt is used as gossip or sometimes insider information.
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